Substitution Policy

Flowers are are a product of nature and vary in availability from season to season. They are also perishable, and inventory has to be adjusted to meet anticipated demand. It is virtually impossible to have all possible varieties and colors in stock at any given time. Likewise our inventory of different vases and containers is always subject to to change. Therefore, some items on our website may not be available when we receive your order, or they may not be exactly as shown.

Occasionally, substitutions are necessary to create your bouquet. Our professional floral designers take care to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of the arrangement, using flowers of equal value. In single-variety arrangements, such as a bouquet of roses, lilies or orchids, we will make every attempt to match the flower type, but may substitute with another color. Where the color pallette, rather than the specific varieties of flowers used, is a key feature of the arrangement, we may substitute different flowers of comparable value in a similar color range to preserve the overall look and feel of the arrangement.

If we are unable to provide an arrangement similar to what you order from this website, we will try to contact you by phone or e-mail to discuss possible substitutions with you before filling the order. However, if we are unable to reach you before the specified delivery time, we may have to substitute the closest flowers of equal value in colors that are available at that time to ensure that your intended recipient receives their flowers at the intended time.